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Egyptian PloverEgyptian PloverAfrican Fish EagleLanner FalconRed-necked FalconShikraGrasshopper Buzzard JuvGrasshopper BuzzrdGrasshopper BuzzardBrown Snake EagleBrown Snake EagleBrown Snake EagleBatleur EagleBlack KiteAfrican Harrier Hawk JuvGrey KestrelBeaudouin's Snake EagleBeaudouin's Snake EagleBeaudouin's Snake EaglePalm-nut Vulture

Guestbook for The Gambia with Bird Guide Ebrima W Barry
Rich Edmondson(non-registered)
Just taking another look. Really enjoy looking at your work. the widest range of birds i have seen..
Keep them coming

Regards Rich
JOHN HOOVER(non-registered)
Thanks for your help. Great photos - what fun!
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